About Us

Based in Peterborough I.S. Sundries is the UK’s leading supplier of florist supplies.

Many florists also choose I.S. Sundries for their own personalized accessories like gift bags, kraft paper, flower wrap and plant food. And increasingly a wider range of companies are discovering that I.S. Sundries is the best way to order a large variety of bespoke products.

We offer an enormous range of packaging and presentation sundries and accessories. It really is an unbeatable range of florist sundries. As well as acting as a traditional florist sundries’ wholesaler for Oasis® and other suppliers I.S. Sundries designs and sources an astonishing range of wraps, ribbons, baskets, ceramics, glass, bags, pedestals, accessories and message cards. You can see why we claim to offer all the florist sundries you need.


The in-house design team keeps a close eye on design and colour trends to make sure the range of florist sundries offered is always right up to minute. We all know that there is no substitute for having the exact colour and style a customer wants and so it’s important that we stay ahead of the game.


Products are sourced from around the world to ensure unbeatable value for money. It is truer now than ever before that price is very important. But for florist sundries as with other professional products a low price is not enough. And that’s why we aim is deliver top quality florist sundries at the keenest prices. To ensure the quality of our florist sundries the majority of our products are independently quality control checked during manufacture before they are shipped to the UK – as well as then being subject to our own scrutiny.


We are the largest and best mail order supplier of florist sundries. We offer free next working day delivery of all our florist sundries to almost all the UK (subject to conditions). We don’t deal with the general public but there’s no minimum order value – we will accept any order no matter how small.


We have over £3m worth of florist sundries in stock and expert design and procurement teams. So whether you are looking for ready to order florist sundries or bespoke packaging you can rely on I.S. Sundries to meet your needs.